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C.E. Animation Studios is an American animation company founded by C. Elbourn. It was founded as "C.E. Productions" in 2011. The company name is now changed. Today, most shows and movies are owned by the company.


Feature films

Upcoming films Edit

  • Sunny Funny and The Little Golden Star (2015; in conjunction with Toho, Aniplex, and Columbia Pictures)
  • The Great Band Mystery (2014; in conjunction with Toho, Aniplex, Columbia Pictures and Archiplex ThousandToons Movies)
  • Super Mario Bros. (2015; in conjunction with Paramount Pictures and Valve Media (UK release))

C. Elbourn TodayEdit

In 2012, C. Elbourn made new videos for his YouTube channel. However, he made his passion and career go crazy, and his Mario stuff won't stop on anything buying. CaybyJ has their rights from Nintendo and making it the fan film along with other conjestions.