Cayby J


Cayby J is a user of YouTube. He made his videos based on the Mario Bros. characters by Nintendo. YTPs are his things that he made and he was creating a Super Mario Bros. fan film in production as soon as possible.

Beginning of the userEdit

The user did not exist until 2011. His name was "CaybyJ". And as of the future videos, he also subscribed to Mario fans on YouTube. The user can be found on YouTube.

The Rugrats fameEdit

As of 2013, he began making Rugrats videos starting with "That's What I Call a Rugratsplosion!!". YouTube would block the Rugrats videos with Viacom International, Inc. as long as copyright gets here.

Contributing his 2nd channelEdit

The first video on his Cayby Two account was called "Cayby's Comic Frenzy (Vol. 2)". Other videos on his old account are still around. And like most YouTubers, the Mario Bros. fan film will be in 2015 in production and development.