Erika's Adventures - Makron's Revenge US theatrical poster

US poster.

Erika's Adventures: Makron's Revenge is an American animated movie released by 20th Century Fox. The film was scheduled to be released in November 2014, but when he had the re-release of Hanna-Barbera's Charlotte's Web playing, the film was delayed to December 20, 2014, which will be released on Mitchell Beausejour's birth date. And within Coulden Pettit's results, Mitchy B Studios will be an accompanied producer to GoAnimate Studios20th Century Fox will be releasing the movie for a short while. In the UK, C.E. Animation Studios will release it on July 30, 2015. After a few weeks, Strogg forces invade and attack Earth, and Coulden, revived as RoboFrank, has to stop the Strogg invasion and save mankind. The film's titular antagonist, Makron, is responsible for creating an invasion on Earth, revealing that he's making it like Enemy Territory: Quake Wars in real-life. Erika, the film's titular character, is one of the protagonists to save the world from the invading Strogg forces. Music for the Erika's Adventures: Makron's Revenge soundtrack is composed by Kelly Bailey and Kevin MacLeod.

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