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The Mitchy Broadcasting Company (MBC) is an American television network located in Reno, Nevada. Today, MBC airs more cartoons and primetime programs to TV.


As of November 10, 1969, MBC first airs on TV. 44 years ago today, MBC gives the first network to bring home the first four TV networks. Beginning in April 2008, The Walt Disney Company had a contract with The Mitchell Beausejour Company to joint-venture Mitchy B Studios and ABC Family. ABC Family retires Mitchy B Studios in April 2014 because ABC Family wanted to stay with the original programming.

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There's another program that relates to other news channel. The name, "MBC News" was chosen, according to the executive of The Mitchell Beausejour Company. The first newscast was on April 10, 1989. It was still going for the last 25 years.

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