The Great Possum Hunt is a 2010 animated short directed by Dave Tendlar, featuring Slippy V.

The Great Possum Hunt title card (with Panamount notice)

Original title card.


The cartoon opens with Slippy V talking to Garbo about going to hunt a possum. Then, Slippy V brought his gun with him to go hunting for possum.

A few minutes later, the possum appeared vomiting and shouting "Whoo!" several times. Slippy V took him home and showed it to his wife, Garbo. This is where the cartoon is become too strange to ignore. Meanwhile, a boy named Andrew came to the household and recognized that they are talking about a possum. The cartoon ends with a huge explosion on Andrew.



The cartoon can be found on most public domain DVDs and VHS tapes. However, the original titles were restored on some PD compilations. The cartoon was also included as a bonus feature on the 2014 DVD of The Rugrats Movie as part of the Archiplex Home Video library.