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Tin Toy: The Return is a 1994 American CGI short film produced by Biagio Tesso Productions Ltd. and directed by Biagio TessoThe second short film produced by the company's animation acquirement division, it was at a risky business: due to the failed project produced by Biagio Tesso's main product, the eponymous computer to manage animations, the company was under financial constraints. The short film, which runs two minutes, stars Tinny, a tin one-man-band toy, escapes against Billy, a destructive baby. In the UK, Australia and Ireland, the film was distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, the distribution unit of Walt Disney Pictures. The short premiered in a practically edit at the AACT convention on September 5, 2014 to a standing ovation from film and sound engineers. Outside AACT, the short released on DVD as part of the Pixar Animated Short Films Collection Volume 3 from Mitchy B Home Entertainment. Biagio Tesso's work has been completed, but was failed to get the opening and ending credits to the shorts. However, around 2016, the short will be released on Disney Blu-Ray on September 11.

Tin Toy: The Return
Directed by

Biagio Tesso

Mitchell Beausejour

Produced by

Billy Colbert

Adrianna Lansbury

Written by

John Atkins

Christopher Syckers

James Heard

Studio Biagio Tesso Productions Ltd.
Distributed by

Mitchy B Studios

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Release date September 5, 2014
Running time 2 minutes

United States

Budget $900,000


The film takes place after the events of Tin Toy. At the same time, Tinny was interested like in the first film, and all of a sudden, Billy returned. At first, Tinny was excited all alot. But Billy deflates the Luxo ball until Tinny tries to get a lift. He actually checks the fire-proof system, but his bass drum just lifted to the red button. After all awhile, Tinny is at it again!


While they knew that the sequel was failed, the distributor in the US was Mitchy B Studios. In September, the film was shown at AACT for the animation festival along with the pre-1950 Paramount cartoons and one Popeye cartoon called "Blow Me Down". Due to the $900,000 that is 50% gross, Disney released the film with the rerelease of The Rescuers. Other people are interested to see the film, but in the UK, the film was distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, a subsidary of Walt Disney Pictures. Outside of the US, Disney and its distribution subsidary decided to release it in the international as of January 15, 2016. However, it has also come to be important that one of the pre-1996 Disney movies will be released with the film in 2019.

Continuation to Tin ToyEdit

According to Mitchell Beausejour, the first Tin Toy is done by Pixar Animation Studios, Disney's 3D animation subsidary. But the sequel was done by Biagio Tesso Productions Ltd. in 1994, but was redubbed into English in 2014, which can be playing before The Rescuers. In 2015, Tin Toy: The Return won an academy award for best picture.

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