Total Television Productions logo

The logo from 1959-1972.

Total Television Productions is an American studio responsible for well-known Saturday morning cartoon series.


Total Television Productions was founded in 1959 by Buck Biggers and Chester Stover. They were executives in the advertising agency Dancer Fitzgerald Sample who had the account for the General Mills food corporation. Total Television Productions was formed to create cartoon characters encouraging children to buy General Mills breakfast cereals and other products.


The studio produced animated series from 1959-1972 at Gamma Productions, a primitive start-up company, which was contracted to produce the animation for Ward Productions, The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Ward was never satisfied with the work performed at Gamma, being crude and substandard, sloppily done and very limited.


  • Cocoa Puffs commercials (1960-1969)
  • The World of Commander McBragg (1963-1965)
  • Go-Go-Gophers (1963-1965)
  • King Leonardo and His Short Subjects (1960-1963, 1964-1969)
  • Klondike Kat (1963-1965)
  • Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales (1963-1966, 1967-1972)
  • The Beagles (1966-1967, 1968-1975)
  • The Sing-A-Long Family (1962)
  • Tooter Turtle (1960-1962)
  • Twinkles the Elephant commercials (1960-1967)
  • The Underdog Show (1964-1967, 1968-1973)

Character rightsEdit

According to the DVD releases of their shows, Classic Media owns any TV show that is made by the company. But however, Gamma Productions was shutted down in 1972.